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The Cushman & Wakefield TERRITORY SYSTEM™

The Cushman & Wakefield Territory System is the foundation of the New York investment sales division of Cushman & Wakefield in the New York metropolitan area, the basis for all our philosophies and practices, and the cornerstone of our relationship with our clients.

The New York metropolitan area is too large for one agent to know well; even a borough is made up of diverse neighborhoods with different real estate trends. So we divided the New York metropolitan area into territories, and delegated responsibility for each territory to a single expert in our sales and financing divisions. We've created a system that allows agents with expert knowledge of a specific neighborhood to provide critical real estate information that benefits all parties involved in the transaction.

Delving deep into the heart of a neighborhood, our agents develop long-lasting, trusting relationships with property owners, making them a valuable resource when the decision to sell is made. At the same time, the agents' expertise and neighborhood property inventory allow them to be a valuable resource for area property buyers and tenants as well.

Expert knowledge and trusting relationships are just a few of the benefits our clients and customers can expect to receive from Cushman & Wakefield’s unique Territory System.