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Capital Services

Cushman & Wakefield Capital Services (CWCS) offers a unique solution for capital service needs for building owners throughout the New York metropolitan area. Our Territory System™, the same system that has made Cushman & Wakefield NYC’s #1 building sales firm for 14 consecutive years, enables our mortgage brokers to have the deepest market knowledge within the New York metropolitan region, resulting in the most complete and best underwriting of your loan. We have strong relationships with all major financial institutions and deliver the same excellent, focused, professional service that Cushman & Wakefield clients have come to expect. Our mortgage brokers provide customized financing strategies across all asset classes.

CWCS operates across the full capital stack, ensuring our clients access to the optimum financing solution. CWCS specializes in a variety of real estate financings, including fixed-rate, floating-rate, construction, land and bridge loans.

We offer a complete package of services, including:

  •  Initial underwriting
  •  Preparation of lender package
  •  Solicitation of numerous lender quotes
  •  In consultation with the borrower, determination of the optimal capital source and structure
  •  Closing of the loan with selected capital provider, ensuring certainty of execution

CWCS does not maintain correspondent relationships with capital sources in order to offer our clients the most effective and efficient service.