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This new construction facility, built to suit a charter high school, was completed and opened in the fall of 2010. The tenant, in its first year of a 30 year lease, claims hardship due to construction delays which shortened the admissions process resulting in a lower than expected first year student enrollment of around 850 students. However, the school already has an overwhelming amount of preliminary applications and is confident to enroll a sufficient number of students for a profitable next year (1,100 students with a max charter capacity of 1,200 students).

198 Varet Street is located in a vibrant residential area of East Williamsburg within a few blocks from the Morgan Avenue L train station. In addition, under the current lease, the responsibilities of the landlord extend only to the exterior maintenance of the building. The school is outfitted with state of the art classrooms, laboratories and extracurricular amenities including a fitness center, a two story rock climbing wall and an assembly area.

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Neighborhoods: Williamsburg/ Agents: Mark Lively