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Four story commercial loft building with a bar on the ground floor and 3 full floor commercial spaces above. There is a full basement that is usable space as well. All of the leases are short term and expire within the next year. The bar lease is set to expire April 31, 2010. There is a full liquor license, and the possibility exists for the seller to negotiate with the tenant and deliver the license intact. Projected gross rents total $359,000 per year and projected NOI is $290,000. The bar occupies less than half the space on the ground floor, and there is an office space behind it.

The property could be vacated within a short period since all of the tenants have short term leases.

It is located on the same block as Bondi Road, Sushi Uo, San Marzano Brick Oven Pizzeria, and Falai Bakery. The building is perfect for a user, can be kept in its present commercial use, or can be converted to a Mixed-Use property.

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Neighborhoods: Lower East Side/ Agents: Michael DeCheser