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Encompassing the entire north east block of Broadway and 181st Street all the way through to 182nd Street and Wadsworth Avenue, stretching 6 stories high, this property stands out not only for its sheer size but for its beautiful architecture as well.

Apartments are grand 3, 4, 5 and 6 room suites, and the building design allows for more than ample light and air. Originally constructed as 114 rental units, the Elmsford and the Belford, were converted into condominiums in 1990. Of the 114 residential units, 47 remain owned by the current sponsor as rental units. The Elmsford and the Belford each have separate entrances and elevator systems although they do share one heating system and a large courtyard. As a pair the buildings stretch out approximately 177’ x 180’.

These properties offer unparalleled convenience and classic style rarely found today. The properties are in outstanding condition as the majority of the units have already been sold and attention to detail and upgrades can be readily seen throughout the common areas.

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Neighborhoods: Washington Heights/ Agents: Robert Shapiro