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Brock Emmetsberger: Value Speaks Volumes

7/20/2015 2:18:29 PM/ Massey Knakal/ News

Communication is important to any trade, but in real estate it’s vital. In a training session last week, Brock Emmetsberger emphasized that the tried and true way of presenting to clients is not about telling them our value but about showing them our value.

Here’s what a few audience members participating in our summer internship program had to say:

“I felt that Brock's presentation showcased a lot of the tools and resources that makes us unique, and defines the company as the leading real estate firm in New York City. His step-by-step explanation really helped me understand the sales process and drove home the fact that the company's approach was to provide as much knowledge to the client as possible.” Anthony Wong, Investment Sales Intern

“One of the important aspects I learned from Brock’s marketing presentation was to always remember who you are, what you represent, and who you represent; remembering that integrity, character, and your knowledge on what you are marketing is the key to a successful business deal.” Naja Lewis, Investment Sales Intern

“I liked how Brock showed us how to keep the meeting conversational and tailored to the specific client rather than read the guidelines word-for-word. He emphasized how to show the client the ways we differentiate ourselves from the competition and create value for them.” Connor Gembecki, Capital Services Intern

“One thing that I found important about Brock’s presentation was that in marketing, it’s important to ‘prepare for the spectrum.’ Being flexible, yet prepared, with necessary information is an important part of real estate because you never know where you’ll end up or how important your interactions will be. This is a skill that not only prepares you to conduct business at any time, but also allows you to establish a solid reputation with the people you meet.” Kristin Ramcharan, Investment Sales Intern

Brock’s presentation wrapped up the two-day Initial Success trainings of the second quarter. The sessions provided junior employees and interns with valuable insight and advice from industry veterans.