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Tomorrow at the Massey Knakal Multifamily Summit, Brock Emmetsberger, President of the Massey Knakal Charitable Foundation, will share with attendees some information about the Foundation.  We asked Brock a few questions in preparation for the event.

Can you give us a brief overview of the Massey Knakal Charitable Foundation?

The Massey Knakal Charitable Foundation was founded in 2005 on the premise that the greater New York area is one community where all its inhabitants live and work together side by side, and that to help any is to help all by strengthening the community at its most basic level. Our target is the small-to mid-size charitable organizations, where a donation of $500 to $5,000 can be meaningful in helping the charity reach its annual goals. We strive to help eradicate illiteracy, poverty, hunger and homelessness, and attempt to provide long-term opportunities to those individuals who otherwise have none.

Massey Knakal has always believed that philanthropy is good for the soul and good for business. The Foundation was established to continue the firm's tradition of extensive giving to a wide array of youth and educational programs. The Foundation allows Massey Knakal's partners, agents, and employees to consolidate their philanthropic efforts and give back to the neighborhoods that have afforded the firm the opportunity to grow.

How can Massey Knakal employees get involved with MKCF?

We have a 1% club where all MK brokers and employees can contribute 1% of their salary. This is our financial backbone and we couldn’t be more thankful for those who have been loyal over the years. Without their support we wouldn’t be able to help so many charitable organizations flourish.  Throughout the year we also organize volunteer events and charitable drives as well. Human capital is always creates the biggest impact.

Tell us a little more about MKCF volunteer events.

We aim to hold a charitable drive or volunteer event at least once a quarter. Charitable drives Career Gear and Bottomless Closet where we collected professional clothing for men and women. We have also conducted toy drives for the young patients at Slone Kettering. The MK family has volunteered at soup kitchens including the Bowery Mission and St. Xavier Church in Chelsea and kicked off the school year with Operation Backpack. Friends and family are always invited to our events, more is certainly merrier!