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A Day in the Life of an Agent

7/30/2014 2:24:43 PM/ Massey Knakal/ News

Last week, Massey Knakal’s summer interns attended the “A Day in the Life of an Agent” session hosted by Brendan Gotch, Director of Retail Leasing.  Brendan joined the Massey Knakal team in 2003 as an Intern, and after graduating was hired full-time working on James Nelson’s sales team. Finally, he was promoted to Director of Retail Leasing, covering the East Village, Greenwich Village, and NoHo.

Brendan began by discussing his reasons for pursuing a career in the real estate industry and his path to Massey Knakal Retail Leasing Services. Growing up, Brendan’s parents invested in real estate on a small scale and the concept was always something he found intriguing. However, after spending a few years in the business, Brendan decided he wanted change so he moved to Paris. He wasn’t there long before realizing his heart belonged in New York City. Upon his return, it became almost immediately obvious to Brendan that he wanted to continue his career in real estate and there was only one place he wanted to continue it - at Massey Knakal.
Brendan shared with the group the process of closing a deal from beginning to end. The conversation concluded with a Q&A, where Brendan answered questions like “What is your daily routine?” and “Why do you value networking?”