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A Day in the Life of an Associate

7/16/2014 11:29:55 AM/ Massey Knakal/ News

Last week, the interns at Massey Knakal had the opportunity to listen to Dan Maurer host the firm’s “A Day in the Life of an Associate” session.
Dan has been at Massey Knakal for two years, working alongside Rob Shapiro focusing on Manhattan’s Inwood and Washington Heights neighborhoods.
Dan discussed his long-term goals, background, education, daily role on his team and evolution within the firm. He emphasized how valuable networking is, and discussed why having a real estate license can set one Associate apart from the rest. He talked about the friendly company culture at Massey Knakal, and how events such as the annual picnic help bring the firm together. According to Dan, what sets Massey Knakal apart from other firms is that instead of competing with colleagues, employees motivate one another and one colleague’s success is the entire company’s success.
Dan closed his discussion with a Q&A, where he answered questions such as “What are the best and worst parts about being an Associate?” and “What is the difference between an Agent and an Associate?” 

Agents: Robert Shapiro