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5/19/2014 5:15:49 PM/ Massey Knakal/

Massey Knakal is in Las Vegas for ICSC RECon 2014 and we talked to some of our Agents and Managing Directors to get their thoughts on the conference.  Don't forget to stop by and see us at C160 F Street!

Brendan Gotch, Director of Retail Leasing

What did you find the most impactful last year?  "The honest truth is that the parties are so much more than parties – my few hours at the Massey Knakal party at the Mandalay Bay were three of the best hours for business of my entire year. "

How much business is done at the convention and how much is done at the pool?   "Business at the convention?!  I thought that was just for the free Jersey Mike’s food… all the real business is pool business.  And party business.  And dinner business. "

Garrett Thelander, Executive Managing Director - Capital Services

What are you looking forward to at this year’s convention? "I am looking forward to the networking opportunities and connecting with potential new clients."

Do you have an ICSC / Las Vegas survival tip? "You have to go in assuming it's a complete zoo, and just deal with that reality. And avoid cab lines where possible!"

Todd Korren, Executive Managing Director, Manhattan
Do you have an ICSC/Las Vegas survival tip?   "Drink lots of water, have fun but don’t go to an extreme, pace yourself, get some sleep."

How is this convention important/helpful for our office’s operations?    "Massey Knakal Realty Services is Manhattan’s #3 retail leasing firm by total number of transactions as ranked by The Real Deal in 2013 and this accomplishment is a direct result of our instituting this business model as the backbone of our retail division.  It is important that we communicate this success to our clients and other brokerage firms alike so that we continue to attract the best owners and brokers to work with our company."