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     We have recently compiled a summary of all major commercial real estate sale transactions in Flushing in 2007, and the amount of transaction declined by about 21% compared to the previous year (2006). 
      As the positive effects of fiscal and monetary stimuli take effect, economic expansion is forecasted to gain momentum in the second half of 2008. However there are risks present. Some indicators suggest the housing market has yet to reach bottom, and further job losses are still expected. As record-high oil prices continue to stir inflation concerns, additional Fed rate cuts will not come as willingly.
        In the capital market, unlike the residential market, commercial mortgage delinquency is still near historical lows, but uncertainty continues to cause volatility. Lender requirements reflect the more cautious environment. The demand for well-managed, high-quality assets will remain strong through the rest of 2008. While reduced CMBS lending is slowing the pace of large portfolio sales and REIT privatization, there is still a significant amount of private equity in the Flushing’s marketplace. Private and foreign funds are seeking opportunistic plays. They are poised to jump into the market when lenders release more capital.

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